The One

Rose Tait's debut album, "The One" covers her first collection of original songs, written and sung by Rose and accompanied, produced and arranged by her indispensable music partner Nigel Goulding, Music Director on this album.

Talented jazz saxophonist Len Aruliah wrote the arrangements and played all wind instrument parts.

Nigel plays all the keyboards: piano, organ, Rhodes and percussion.

Tristan Mailliot, Drums and Oli Hayhurst, Bass, provided an inspirational backing to build these tracks upon.

Dick Hammett, Sound Engineer and owner of Red Gables Studio, and Paul Nickson, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, complete the considerable array of talent that went into producing the music.

Track List - click on the title for the lyrics:

  1. The Acquisitive Blues
  2. Long Daddy Green (Frishberg/Dearie)
  3. Inexplicably Beautiful
  4. Desolate
  5. Hot Toddy (Flanagan/Handler)
  6. The Devil Made Me Do That!
  7. Here's Looking At You
  8. Hunger
  9. The One
  10. Snuggles
  11. Mean To Me (Turk/Ahlert)
  12. You Make Me Feel Like Spring
  13. You Matter To Me

All songs, words and music, by Rose Tait, except where otherwise attributed.

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