Rose Tait For one week only, the CD version of my first album "The One" will be available for just $4.99! Visit to grab one of the last in stock!
Rose Tait Happy Springtime! Rude shoots thrusting, gorgeous blossoms bursting in wonderful feel-good time-lapse photography
Rose Tait 2017-08-30T16:38:20+0000
Rose Tait “Ducklips! Ferretface! Fish’s A***hole!” You would be surprised by what Vocal Coach Dina Azzam calls me. This all in a good cause of reminding me to adjust the complex musculature of my physiognomy or fizzog into the necessary shapes to locate the resonances of changing pitches in the right parts of my head spaces. Yes, your head is full of holes - think about it! Not just your throat, nasal passages and earholes, but multiple sinuses, all enabling different resonances 2017-08-17T14:56:40+0000
Rose Tait Looking forward to tonight in Holloway! You can hear all 3 of us (me just in a guest spot, but there will be other great singers) tonight at 8 at The Edward Lear
Rose Tait Someone reminded me I promised to re-post this video - hope you like it. :)
Rose Tait The glamorous Crazy Coqs nightspot makes a great backdrop for this favourite song: Someone to Watch Over Me 2017-07-19T17:14:10+0000
Rose Tait 2017-07-19T16:31:02+0000
Rose Tait Leon Cohen and I have been working on a further collection of great songs to complete this album, beginning recordings this month - launch to be announced soon
Forgotten Songs | Rose Tait Jazz singer and songwriter Rose Tait is a Jazz singer and songwriter regularly found performing live in the North London Jazz scene. Her debut album ‘The One’ features 10 original songs created in collaboration with Nigel Goulding.
Rose Tait Don't tease! 2017-03-04T08:58:19+0000
Rose Tait SPRING! is nearly here
Rose Tait Spring is here! Rude shoots thrusting, gorgeous blossoms bursting in film maker Artur Homan's wonderful time lapse photography.
Rose Tait 2017-02-17T16:57:51+0000

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