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Rose Tait is a London Jazz singer and songwriter

Rose started writing songs with musician Nigel Goulding in 2004. They have released two albums of original work, "The One" and "Bon Apptit". Rose wrote both words and music whilst Nigel produced the songs, accompanied on the piano and recorded in his studio. Rose also regularly performs in North London Jazz venues.



Rose is currently working on completing an album of beautiful Jazz standards that have undeservingly fallen into obscurity, which will be released this year (2017).



There is also a further album of Rose's original songs nearing completion. This album promises to be less genre-specific - watch this space!

What They Say About Rose

You've got it all, Rose - you just need to bring it out, you are a wonderful singer with a real talent for songwriting.
Anita Wardell

Rose's approach to Jazz is relaxed, natural and has the enviable trait of singing with her accompanist as if the two were one person. It's pretty damn good!
Earl Okin, Musical Genius and Sex Symbol

You singing The Devil Made Me Do That was the high point of the evening at the Vortex
Tristan Mailliot Drummer, Loire Music School

You are a gifted songwriter
Tom Rust, Award winning bratpack Singer

Thank you for gushing - you do it beautifully!
Fran Landesman, Legendary Beat Poet/Songwriter

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